About Goole Hypnotherapy

Hi!  My name is Paul and I have been helping people for over 10 years.  My journey started in coaching where I learned how to work with people's subconscious language.  This really helped me to work out what was happening with people on a deeper level.  I also learned very quickly how to tune in to what people were saying behind their words.  I then used this to help people to create massive positive changes in their lives.

I also started learning more about Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  This helps people to be able to effectively "re-wire their brain".  It has also been called "The User's Manual For The Brain".  Learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) really helped me to develop rapid and powerful changes in people.  Fears and phobias were gone in a single session!  The more I learned about this, the more I started to learn about hypnosis.

The first time that I used hypnosis with someone was a coaching client.  She had come in to see me after being at the physiotherapists.  He had told her that there was nothing physically wrong with her shoulder and that it was all in her mind.  I had been reading books on how to do hypnosis so I asked her if she wanted to try it.  She agreed and so the next week she had her and my first hypnosis session.

The results were amazing!  The pain was gone from her shoulder and she was able to use it fully again.  In that moment, I knew that I had to learn more about hypnosis so I went to study it.  While I was on the course, I realised that this was my future.  It was what I was meant to do.  

So I ploughed everything into becoming the best hypnotherapist that I could be.

Since then I have also learned how to work with people on an energetic level using reiki and other methods.  I fused together everything that I have learned to create a form of "energy coaching".  I could help people to release trapped energies and emotions effortlessly and easily.

You are now getting the benefits from all of this learning and training.  I look forward to helping you real soon.

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