Goole Hypnotherapy

Goole Hypnotherapy is here to help you with any anxiety related issues, trauma issues or PTSD issues.

Anxiety can appear in many forms and can range from being slightly off-putting to taking over your life.  Whatever stage of anxiety you are experiencing Goole Hypnotherapy can help you.  Here are some of the anxiety issues that Goole Hypnotherapy work with:

  • Social anxiety
  • Public speaking anxiety
  • Afraid to go out on your own (Agoraphobia)
  • Panic attacks
  • Driving anxiety
  • Anxiety about meeting new people
  • Flying anxiety (fear of flying)
  • Generalised anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Hair pulling (Trichotillomania)
  • Fear of public spaces (Agoraphobia)
  • Anxiety around loud noises
  • Anxiety around crowds of people
  • goole hypnotherapy anxious man

    Goole Hypnotherapy also works with people that have suffered trauma as a result of sexual abuse as a child or as an adult.  A lot of clients that come through the door have experienced this kind of trauma.  They leave feeling strong and empowered in many aspects of their lives.  If this resonates with you, help is here at Goole Hypnotherapy. 

    Hypnotherapy Services in Goole


    goole hypnotherapy for anxiety

    Anxiety and panic attacks can really have a big impact on your day to day life.  Find out how you can be free from anxiety with hypnotherapy.


    Goole hypnotherapy for trauma

    Past traumas can leave you feeling scared or vulnerable.  Clear those past memories away so you can start living your best life today.

    Fears & Phobias


    Fears and phobias affect people in many different ways.  From arachnophobia to flying, heights, dogs, large spaces and so much more.

    Other Services

    goole hypnotherapy weight loss

    Hypnotherapy can also be used for other issues such as weight loss, stop smoking, stress management, depression and many other issues. Learn more here.

    Goole Hypnotherapy Reviews

    I would recommend Paul very highly. He makes you feel comfortable and at ease, especially when you're not knowing what to expect from hypnotherapy. He helped me with stopping drinking and I've been sober since I've worked with Paul. Also he helped me a lot to find inner peace. He comes highly recommended.



    My boyfriend used to ring Paul and discuss how I could get help with him.  I finally took the step to book 4 sessions with Paul.  I was so nervous.  Paul is the most remarkable hypnotist.  Paul eased me into the sessions we had together and sorted me out step by step.  I am now a different woman, free from the voices and my personality disorder and a lot more confident.   We worked together well.  Paul has done in four weeks what my psychologist has been trying to do in ten years. *

    Many thanks Paul,

    Glen & Jane


    Hi Paul,

    I am emailing you to say thank you so much for your help. I cannot believe how different i feel all my mind feels free from all the clutter that was there before. Friday i just enjoyed feeling good. Then Saturday morning i got up at 8.30(didn’t used to get up till 11am) did all my cleaning then i got the bus to our Asda by myself it is quite far  away and got myself a new outfit. Then I got on another bus and went to the Arndale Centre where I met my Niece for coffee in her lunch hour (she nearly collapsed when saw me she said you look so alive) then I came home  and made the tea. Chilled out for a bit then I got ready and went out to the local pub and had the best time ever. My four friends and my other Niece and her boyfriend could not believe how happy and alive I was. I have continued to feel like this ever since, like now I am going to pick my Granddaughter up from school and take her for her tea, she will be so surprised she is only 6, she has never met this Nana.

    I cannot thank you enough.

    Ann Bellhouse,


    Goole Hypnotherapy
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    Katia Pulli
    Katia Pulli
    16:06 23 Jul 20
    Absolutely amazing
    Jemma Bullass
    Jemma Bullass
    00:54 01 Nov 19
    I first came to Paul after suffering with low mood which was affecting my life and people around me. I was pretty... nervous about hypnotherapy but Paul put me at ease straight away! The Hypnotherapy was absolutely brilliant and the things he drew out of my subconscious mind was absolutely mind blowing as I didn't even know it was there. Having completed my 4 sessions, I feel like a new person, happy, more confident, grounded and everything that "tormented" me was dealt with and put to bed. This man has changed my life 100% and I can't thank him enough for what he has done for me and my life. I absolutely recommend Paul to anybody having issues and fully recommend hypnotherapy to anybody! Thanks again Paul, you really are an angel and amazing at what you do. 🙂read more
    AJ Yorks
    AJ Yorks
    13:22 11 Sep 19
    Cant reccomend Paul enough. I had a problem with anxiety which was effecting my day to day life, avoiding situations,... people etc. Paul has helped me get my life back on trackread more
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    What is Hypnotherapy?

    Hypnotherapy is simply described as a type of therapy performed using hypnosis.  But what is hypnosis?

    Hypnosis is a state that you go into many times every day naturally.  This is what I tell my clients at Goole Hypnotherapy.  Do you ever daydream?

    You know when you are feeling relaxed, you are aware of what is going on around you but you don't care?  That is what hypnosis feels like.   You will hear my voice and probably other noises from outside.  You aren't really interested in them though.  All you are interested in is the wonderful feeling of hypnosis.

    While you are in hypnosis, you will probably find that your mind drifts off from time to time.  It will think about other things and then realise that it should be listening to me.  That is normal and happens to most people during hypnotherapy.  That part is your conscious mind.  I don't work with that part.  I only work with your subconscious mind.

    Your subconscious mind loves hypnotherapy.  

    The subconscious is the powerhouse of your mind.  It is where your long-term memories are kept.  Your core beliefs and values are stored inside of there too.  The most powerful forms of change happen when you make changes at this level.

    There is also a gatekeeper called the "Critical Factor".  This is there to prevent information from going inside your subconscious mind that doesn't match up with your core values and beliefs.  Hypnotherapy works by bypassing the critical factor and delivering powerful suggestions right where they need to go.

    subconscious mind hypnotherapy

    When you come to see me at Goole Hypnotherapy, you will be given a full run down about how hypnotherapy works.  You will also receive a free hypnosis audio to use before your first session.  This will boost the effect of your sessions too!

    What is Hypnotherapy Used For?

    Hypnotherapy is used for a wide range of issues.  From stopping smoking to losing weight.  Controlling anxiety to dealing with stress.  Regularly there are more and more uses for hypnotherapy such as hypnobirthing or the hypnotic gastric band.

    There are also advancements in how hypnotherapy is used.  More and more research is being put into the benefits of hypnosis which then opens up the things it can be used for.

    Here are some issues that hypnotherapy can be used for:

  • Sports performance
  • Weight loss
  • Food control
  • Motivation
  • Law of attraction programming
  • Gambling
  • Drug issues
  • Alcoholism
  • Positive mindset shift
  • Stop smoking
  • Deep level stress management
  • De-stress sessions
  • Tapping into your emotions
  • Clearing negative beliefs
  • Clearing past blocks
  • Memory recall and improvement
  • goole hypnotherapy weight loss

    If you have an issue that you haven't seen on this website, I welcome you to get in touch with Goole Hypnotherapy and see how I can help you.

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