Hypnotherapy for Fear and Phobia Cure in Goole, Yorkshire

Kill Your Fear or Phobia!

Fears and phobias are so common these days.  From fear of spiders to fear of flying.  For some people, living with their phobia and getting others to help them when they are scared is how they want to live.  That is not the case for everyone though.

If you have had enough of your fear then it's time to look at hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is one of the best tools available to be able to remove a fear or phobia permanently.  My 90 minute kill your fear or Phobia Session will transform your life.  You will go from being afraid to being relaxed and confident in just 90 minutes.

Can You Make Me Get Rid of My Fear or Phobia?


Not at all....If you want to keep it and not come for the hypnotherapy session then you can keep your fear or phobia for as long as you like.  If you don't come along for a session then I promise not to take it away for good.

Some people are happy to hold onto their fear of spiders (arachnophobia).  They are happy to scream, run away and even climb on top of sofas or chairs screaming.  This is because they get to have someone else rescue them on a regular basis by taking the spider away from them.  

If this sounds like you and you would rather have someone rescue you all of the time then you can keep your arachnophobia.  All you need to do is not book a hypnotherapy for arachnophobia session.  If you do book a session, I'm afraid that your fear will be gone for good and you will no longer be afraid of spiders.

What About Fear of Flying?

If you would rather keep onto your fear of flying then I would highly recommend that you don't book a hypnotherapy session with me.  I mean, why would you want to be able to enjoy going on holiday anyway?

Imagine all of the wonderful holidays that you could get to miss out on just by keeping onto your fear.  Or even better you could still be afraid and put the pressure on everyone else that are travelling with you.  Wouldn't that be a great idea?


If you choose to stay afraid, you will get to:

  • Worry about your holiday from the moment that you book it
  • Be a nervous wreck on the plane so that others feel like they have to look after you
  • Lose the first 3 days of your holiday because you're constantly worrying about having to fly back again
  • Then lose the last 3 days of your holiday worrying about the flight back.  If you are going away for a week, that means you get to lose nearly every day of your holiday!
  • Drink heavily and take tablets to sedate you so that you don't really get to enjoy it and feel like crap after it wears off
  • Or even better, make sure that your family misses out on holidays so that you never have to go anywhere.

Or instead, you could go down a different route.  Just like the guy in this video did.

So if you are looking to get help with flying, you should enquire about my 90 minute Kill Your Fear of Phobia Session.  Then, you too will be bale to enjoy flying and start to really enjoy holidays.  Imagine how great it will be when you get to relax all holiday, free from worrying about flying.  How amazing will that be for you?  How amazing will it be for those that are going on holiday with you?