COVID-19 hypnotherapy Selby and Goole

COVID 19 Regulations for Therapy Sessions

As the COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease within the UK, people are beginning to make preparations to return to receiving hypnotherapy. I understand from those of you that are in contact, just how difficult the United Kingdom lockdown has been. you’ll be glad to hear that the Goole Hypnotherapy is now open once more.

Measures also are being put into place for both your and my safety.

COVID 19 Safety Measures

2 Metre Social Distancing

The office is now embarked on using the two-metre social distancing rules. As a result, all touch therapy is going to be on hold until restrictions are fully eased or a secure and practical solution is found. The office is spacious enough so this isn’t a problem. If you’re hard of hearing then it’d be better for you to give time until the 1-metre rule is in situ.

2 metre social distancing, goole hypnotherapy east yorkshire

Bring Your Own Drinks

One of the restrictions that are in situ is that clients aren’t allowed to be given a drink. this will be to stop any risk from me to you when handling a glass or a cup. I’d always advise that you simply have a drink as shifting energies around and releasing any traumas tends to dehydrate the body. Most clients tend to appreciate that they have a drink of water after the session is completed. I am going to be using my very own bottle and that I would recommend an equivalent for you.

Hand Cleansing

Hand sanitiser is out there for you once you arrive. Please use this to assist me to keep me safe while I’m at work. Clean hands are shown to create a great difference. There also are toilet facilities available for you to use to clean your hands once you arrive if you would like.

Hand Washing COVID-19, Goole Hypnotherapy, East Yorkshire

Temperature Checks

Upon arrival, I will be able to test your temperature with a forehead scanner. This helps to see if you’re carrying COVID-19 but aren’t showing symptoms. Being asymptomatic means you’re still spreading the virus without showing any symptoms Temperature checks help us both to keep safe and also keeps the office area safe.

Deep Cleaning

The office is going to be deep cleaned before your arrival and also after you exit. This helps to stay everyone using the space safer. Sanitiser sprays are used on all hard surfaces and also on the furniture within the space to stop anyone becoming ill from viral shedding.

Goole Hypnotherapy East Yorkshire, COVID cleaning

No High-Risk People Allowed Within the Office.

For now, the govt doesn’t want people that are within the “at-risk” category to be receiving face to face therapy. If you think you would possibly fall under that category for any reason, please let me know before you attend a session or consultation. If you’re in danger, you’ll have sessions by Skype. I will be able to offer a £20 per session discount for anyone wishing to require online sessions.

How Long Will These Measures be in Situ For?

These new measures are getting to be in situ for the foreseeable future. When the govt announces a change and that I also feel it’s in yours and my best interests, restrictions are going to be eased. For now, I just want to be sure that you can get the hypnotherapy that you need which we will both do safely.

If you’ve got any questions on these measures or the other questions on hypnotherapy generally, please go to the Contact Page.

You can find all of the UK Government COVID-19 updates here.

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