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PTSD. Is It Keeping You Trapped?

PTSD can cause so many issues for people.  From fear of loud noises to nightmares to having their mental health completely slide down the pan.

That was the case  for a guy that I worked with recently.  His PTSD was so bad that he was unable to leave the house.  Even if his friends came round he would feel really uncomfortable and nervous,  That was until he met me.

The guy that I worked with for PTSD had been stuck in his house for around 4 years.  He felt unable to go outside.

Before The PTSD Session

When I arrived at his home, his partner told me that he was so nervous about me being there that he had gone into his bedroom and that I would have to sit outside the door.  I saw him briefly while we were having our initial chat and then he laid down with the door blocking my view.  I wasn't allowed over the door strip and couldn't see him properly.

This is the first time that I've seen someone with PTSD to this level but I love a challenge!

ptsd help goole yorkshire hiding behind door

So we had a chat from the other side of the door and he said that he was ready to go for it.  

After we finished working together he looked like a totally different person.  It was as if someone had taken the person that I saw at the beginning and exchanged him for another person.  He even said that he felt like he was getting back to his old self again.  It was a rapid transformation!  He couldn't wait to call his family and tell them the good news.

It Gets EVEN Better!

I recorded a little video in the Goole Hypnotherapy Facebook Page.  Within a couple of hours after recording that live video, I received a message from his partner.

He was out on the front garden playing with his son!

He hadn't been able to do that for some time.  His PTSD was vanishing quickly.  I received a message later that day saying that he was going to go shopping the next day which he did!

Imagine going from not being able to step outside anymore because you're afraid of the outside world to suddenly looking forward to going out and actually doing it.  That kind of thing is life changing for people!

If you have PTSD, I want you to know that you don't have to live with it.  You don't have to suffer anymore.  You can break free from it!  You can do all of this by coming to see my for hypnotherapy for PTSD.

All you have to do is send me a quick message and we can get you started on that path to happiness.

Hypnotherapy for PTSD Video