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Anger. Is It a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

Anger can be a big issue for a lot of people.  Anger management is still a hot topic and a useful one too.  We are told that anger is a bad emotion.  But is it really?

Believe it or not but it can also be a positive emotion.  Let me explain....

You may or may not remember the 80's.  A time when we had a massive worldwide charitable record by Band Aid, which was followed by the event called Live Aid.  This was created because of people becoming angry about the famine in Ethiopia and nothing being done to stop it from happening.  It was in fact being allowed to get worse.

That anger fuelled people to make massive changes and make something happen.  They created a movement that went around the world to help people who were in a truly terrible situation.  That is a large scale example of when anger can be a positive emotion.

When is Anger an Issue?

Anger is an issue when the emotion is allowed to become destructive.  When it leads to arguments and violence.  When people get hurt as a result of anger, that is when it is a negative emotion.

That isn't the fault of the emotion though.  That is the responsibility of the person to manage how they react to their feelings.

If you are hurting someone because of how you feel then you really need to look at getting some help with anger management.

How I Work With Anger Management

The first thing that we need to look at is clearing out the uncontrolled anger from your life.  That level of emotion is too much for you to handle at the moment.  By clearing it from your past, it then allows you to see the world differently.  It allows you to feel and react differently too.

Get clear of your anger and see your life change!

Then after that we go through reactions.  These are basically programs that are running automatically inside of you. 

You feel something --> You react a certain way.

​​These programs need to be changed to help you to utilise how you feel in a more positive way.  By changing these automatic programs, you are able to change the automatic reaction from a negative one, to a positive one.  That is where the true power comes from.  but first we have to clear out the anger.  The reprogramming can't happen without that first step.

After that I then work on building you up to a more powerful and empowered person.  I break down the old structure.  Then I build you an newer and better one.  You have no idea at the moment just how far this can take you.  The only way is to jump in and get started with your sessions.

So jump in and make contact.  Let's have a chat about how your life is being affected and how we can work together to make it better.

Check Out This Video on Anger

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